Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing Releases New Editions of Household Baggage Books

I’m excited to announce that my two books, HOUSEHOLD BAGGAGE: The Moving Life of a Military Wife and HOUSEHOLD BAGGAGE HANDLERS: 64 Stories From the Hearts and Lives of Military Wives were re-released by Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing on July 4, 2019. The new editions have beautiful, coordinating covers and re-designed interiors. 

HOUSEHOLD BAGGAGE, my first book about Army family life, was published in 2006. We followed that up two years later with HOUSEHOLD BAGGAGE HANDLERS, an anthology of stories written by women who were inspired to share their memories. 

A lot has happened since 2008 so the author biographies have been updated, but the content remains fundamentally unchanged. The enduring themes in these books are about taking care of home, hearth, and family during demanding times, just as military spouses have done since 1776. 

In the eleven years since publication (thirteen since HOUSEHOLD BAGGAGE), thousands of Americans have joined the ranks of military families. The operations tempo has been so demanding that many have experienced one or more year-long deployments. These new editions of HOUSEHOLD BAGGAGE and HOUSEHOLD BAGGAGE HANDLERS are a way to reach out to new readers, connect with them, and share “humor, heartache, and everything in between.”

They are available at Amazon.com or wherever you buy your favorite books.

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