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Are you a Household Baggage handler? Take this quiz and find out.

I have license plates from one state, a driver’s license from another, a home address in a third state, and an official state of residence in a fourth.
I’ve called my child “the NTC baby,” “the Desert Storm baby,” or the “Iraqi Freedom baby.”
My husband tells me to do push-ups when I’m sick.
My family doctor is whoever has an open appointment at the clinic.
I think a man with hair touching his ears just looks sloppy.
I get excited when my quarters have more than one bathroom.
I get really, really excited when my freezer has an icemaker.
I’ve said, “I have a ____ but it’s in storage right now.”
I once put the landlord as an emergency contact because I didn’t know anyone else in town.
I count backwards by assignments, not years.
I laughed at the bank officer when she asked if I had changed residences in the past five years.
I believe that hundred-mile-an-hour tape can solve any mechanical problem.
I’m known as "Household Six” or “Higher Headquarters" to my husband.



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